The legendary Bill Duke whom l had the pleasure of experiencing his Acting Masterclass at the American Black Film Festival. Bill is a quotable OG, quick to throw an inspiring quotation here and there. His favorite being, “Aspire to inspire before you expire.” Its embedded in me now.

Bill is a physically imposing being with an equally gigantic heart. Our sit down after the masterclass was premised on Africa. His hat immediately took us to Africa and we never left. “I got this hat from the King of the Ashanti,” quipped Bill as he rolled his long fingers on the hem of the hat. “Africa is my home!” closed the Duke after what seemed like an eternity at this wisdom-crush-course.

If you are an actor look out for Bill’s masterclasses. Taraji P. Henson, Kerry Washington, and Regina King are some of the leading figures who have passed through Bill’s tutelage.

Bill is not only an actor or director he is also a philanthropist who is constantly giving back to the young. It is my hope to connect him to other NGOs in Africa where his wisdom can make a huge difference to Africa’s next entertainers and leaders.