ASOMGC is a television and film production company that creates versatile television & film series from the scripting process to post-production and complete packaging for international Networks.

Targeted Client(s):

The top 10 urban African countries and international networks including the mainstream African television broadcasters –


ASOMGC is an innovative production house that aims to introduce the highly anticipated late night television phenomenon to the African and Diaspora viewers. ASOMGC was formed in April 2016. ASOMGC will partner with an African based Media company to co-produce African-themed productions.

Current Productions:

These are planned ASOMGC creations in various stages of development:

Television Creations;

  • Africa’s first premier late night television phenomenon-

The Afrodisiak Show with Kanyile ©

  • The Hive ©
  • All eyes on Africa; a socio-economic and political talk show ©
  • African State of Mind Show with Uncle Ben ©
  • Lifestyle of the Affluent and Illustrious in Africa with (tba)©
  • Lifestyle of the Affluent & Illustrious Africans in America ©

We Create Television Shows that Enlighten

Reality Show Creations


ASOMGC offers television reality series that are aimed at boosting the image of the African continent by utilizing cost-effective production techniques and innovative marketing while maintaining authenticity of each project from concept to delivery.

Our dynamic projects address various issues from cultural diversity, music, socio-economic issues to gigantic sporting events.

Client(s): Broadcasters in the top ten (10) Urban African countries and international networks.

History: Asom Creations team consists of industry veterans with years of experience in the reality and documentary production, business, and syndication. ASOMGC will partner with an African Network and Production company.


  • The African Princess Diaries; from the Royal Kingdom to Hollywood stardom ©
  • Search for Africa’s Next Host with the Most (television host) ©
  • Search for Africa’s Jewel (dancers) ©


We Create reality



We offer full service live event production coverage ranging from concerts, festivals, fashion shows and award ceremonies for the commercial and private sector. Our services include event production management from creation, production to completion.


The top ten urban African countries.


ASOMGC live event division is complimented with experienced personnel dedicated to creating stellar events with an authentic African experience.


Suggested Tours

Formation African Tour featuring Beyonce’ suggested schedule for November 2016

Shirley Caesar, Be Be and Ce Ce Wanins Southern Africa Gospel Tour scheduled between Dec 30 – Jan 7th

Back to the 90s Music Festival featuring 90s musical groups (TBA)

SPECIAL DELIVERY 10-city African Tour surprise act. Summer 2017

Africa Unite Tour: The Marley Brothers, Buju Banton, Capleton (tba)


Our Production Dazzles on the Red Carpet

Our Creations Inspire the Uninspired!

  1. Consulting Creations

AFRICA MONTH Festival I Consultation I Bookings Division


We are creating a grand global celebration of Africa through the arts, culture and sports. Scheduled for 2020, Africa Global Re-Union MONTH will bring together African and International businesses, corporations, and governments.

We also act as a catalyst for musical and theatrical collaborations between international acts and African talent. We book International artists for concerts in the African continent and vice-versa stellar African acts are offered bookings in the US to promote their music and build their brand internationally.


We catalyze Studio Collaborations

between International artists and African acts!

We Are Creators!